Level 3573

Level 3573


This level was quite hard for me, though it is officially classified as an easy level. It’s a Mixed Mode level, which means it has more than one objective.


The objectives are to clear 61 Jellies and collect 4 ingredients – 2 cherries and 2 hazelnuts in a paltry 25 moves.


On the plus side, the level starts with a nice gift of a Color Bomb, albeit locked in a Liquorice Lock. We also have 3 dispensers that give produce Striped Candies and Wrapped Candies.


To make things difficult we have a bunch of Waffles and a good number of Multilayered Icing too. 3 dispensers produce Liquorice Swirls.


This level has 3 dispensers that produce Wrapped Candy and Striped Candy. Try as much as possible to match candies under them. This will make the probability of special candies dropping higher. Then hopefully you will get two special candies besides each other, which you can then activate for a sweet combination. Also, due to the presence of Teleporters, you should try to match candies on the bottom of the board. When you do this, you also increase the probability of special candies dropping. When you watch the video you will see that it was the combinations of special candy that really helped in finishing the level successfully.


Unplayable? No chance! I had to use quite a good number of my precious boosters though, but seeing as I finished the level successfully, it was totally worth it. Watch me tackle the level in the video above!

I apologize for the sound, for some reason it was not properly synchronized and the recording didn’t start form the beginning of the level.

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