Level 3574

Level 3574


This was one of those weird levels. It is officially classified as a SUPER HARD LEVEL but I found it to be a relatively easy level. I successfully tackled it at the first time of asking. It is a Candy Order Level, which means you are presented with one or more orders which you must fulfill to pass the level.


The objectives are to collect 3 orders; namely 1 Cake Bomb 24 Waffles and 17 Liquorice Swirls. And all of this has to be done in 30 moves, which is not too bad, definitely seen worse levels.


The level has two Candy Cannons that dispense Striped Candys. The level also has a Conveyor Belt and 3 Teleporters which help to mix up the candies.


Well there are no bad elements in this particular level. Liquorice Swirls are bad by nature but in this level they are actually needed to complete the level because they are part of the orders so we can’t call them bad per se.


Focus on switching the candies underneath the Candy Cannons that dispense Liquorice Swirls for the the first two or three moves, so that you can have a good number of them out on the board.

Then start working on getting the cake bomb. As you probably know, when the cake bomb get destroyed, it takes out all the candies on the board, so if you have a lot Liquorice Swirls out, then they will all get taken out at that point, thus giving you a solid advantage.

With the cake bomb out of the way, you should immediately turn your attention to the waffles. I say this because you need 24 of them, and of course you have limited moves. If you play the level with these strategies, then the level should not bother you for too long.


I played mine with out having to use any of my boosters. I also got a lot of good fortune in the fact that I got about 3 color bombs while playing, which made it quite easy for me. Watch me tackle the level and drop your comments, thanks for reading!

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