Level 3575

Level 3575


Level 3575 is classified as an EASY LEVEL and it pretty much lived up to its classification. It is a Mixed Mode Level level, which means it has more than one objective, two to be precise


It has two objectives. The first is to clear 24 jellies and the second is to drop 3 hazel nuts into the designated spots, which are clearly marked with green transparent arrows.


This level has only 3 types of jellies, namely Blue Candys, Green Candys and Orange Candys. The advantage of this is that since we have just 3 colors, then getting matches is quite easy. You would find it easy to get striped candies and color bombs.


We have a couple of baddies in this level, nothing major though. We have 13 Marmalade covered Chocolates, 3 Waffles and 5 Multilayered Icing and 3 Regular Icing


Try to from Striped Candies to attack the marmalade, and you will find them all gone pretty soon. In the process of destroying Chocolates and Liquorice Swirls it is very easy to forget about your second objective which is to drop the hazel nuts. Make sure that the hazel nuts drop in good time, before your moves run out.


I finished Level 3575 at the first time of asking. I cannot brag a whole lot though, because I was in the middle of a Fun Event, where you get boosters at the beginning of each level as long as you dont lose a life, so I got a free Color Bomb at the beginning. I then added one Color Bomb from my booster collection. So I started the level with a double color bomb which is THE DREAM START. Watch me tackle the level and drop your comments, thanks for reading!

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