Level 3576

Level 3576


Level 3576 is classified as an easy level, and as it turns out it is a very easy level. It’s an Ingredients Level, which means you have to guide the ingredients to the bottom of the table, where the designated exit points are located.


This level has just one set of objectives, and that is to drop a hazel nut and a cherry to the exit points, which are clearly marked with green translucent arrows. This has to be done in 18 moves or less if you can manage that.


There is a lot of good stuff in this level. It has 2 Candy Cannons which dispense Striped Candies. There are also 2 Bobbers, which as you probably know produce Jelly Fish when they are activated.


Couple baddies, no biggie. There are a 8 squares of Multilayered Icing which block the ingredients from dropping. There are also 2 cannons which dispense the ingredients as well as Liquorice Swirls


This is a fairly simple level. All you have to do is make sure you make good use of the Striped Candies which drop from the Candy Cannon. Use the striped candies to take out the cake bomb, and before you know it, the ingredients would drop, making that satisfying noise as they do so.


I finished it at the first time of asking. I was in the middle of a Fun Event, where you get boosters at the beginning of each level as long as you don’t lose a life, so I got a free color bomb at the beginning. I then added 1 Color Bomb and 1 Coconut Wheel from my booster collection, which made the level super easy. Watch me tackle the level and drop your comments, thanks for reading!

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