Level 3577

Level 3577


Level 3577 is classified as a hard level. I would say it is a kinda tricky but not insanely hard.It is a Jelly Level which means you have to clear all the jellies on the board to pass the level.


The objectives are to clear 54 jellies in 18 moves. At least that was the objective when I played it. It has now been updated to 24 moves! I guess it was too hard with just 18 moves. So if you haven’t played the level, then you are fortunate because you will be playing an easier version from the one I played.


Not a whole lot of good elements in this level it has to be said. But there are 9 Candy Cannons that dispense Wrapped Candies. There are also 9 Bobbers which produce jelly fish when activated with special candies.


Lots of obstacles in this level. There is a ton of Sugar Chests, a whopping 55 of them, to be precise. When you do unlock the chests, you have 15 Liquorice Swirls and 9 candy cannons that dispense even more Liquorice Swirls. There are several squares of Multilayered Icing, and lets not forget 3 Popcorns


Well the first order of business naturally is to unlock the Sugar Chests. Once you do that the board kinda opens up and you have more moves to make. As soon as the middle section opens up, start switching candies there, so that you can start working on the Popcorns, once they pop, try as much as possible to get a wrapped candy + color bomb combo. That will activate the Bobbers at the bottom and also take out the jellies at the bottom, which are the hardest to get to. Have to be honest, you might be at the level for awhile. Or you might be fortunate like me and play it only once.


I finished it at the first time of asking. I was in the middle of a Fun Event, where you get boosters at the beginning of each level as long as you don’t lose a life, so I got a free color bomb at the beginning. I then added 1 Color Bomb from my booster collection, which lessened the difficulty considerably. Watch me tackle the level and drop your comments, thanks for reading!

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