Level 3578

Level 3578


It is classified as an easy level. It is a Candy Order Level, which means you are presented with one or more orders which you must fulfill to pass the level.It is an easy level but order levels usually have this air of unpredictability about them.


The objectives are to collect 3 sets of orders: 5 Popcorns, 25 Liquorice Swirls and 50 Jelly Fishes. This must be done in 33 levels. When I played it, only 30 moves were allowed. No idea why they make the levels hard initially, only to lessen the difficulty later.


There are 21 Bobbers, which is a farily large amount, and makes the level quite easy. There are also 2 Candy Cannons that dispense both Wrapped Candies and Striped Candies.


5 Popcorns have been strategically placed all over the board. The location of 2 of the Popcorns is particularly annoying, as they block the Candy Cannons from dispensing helpful Wrapped Candies and Striped Candies. 5 candy cannons dispense Liquorice Swirls which is needed to complete the level, but since they are intrinsically bad, I still mention them as part of the bad elements.


Order levels are usually very dependent on getting a bit fortunate because the game controls the dispensers, so if they don’t produce fast enough, there is precious little you can do about it. The best way to go about playing the level is to try to activate the Bobbers as much as possible. You should also try to activate as many special candies as possible, to take out the popcorns. Once the popcorns get taken out, the game becomes pretty straightforward from that point on.


I finished it at the first time of asking. I was in the middle of a Fun Event, where you get boosters at the beginning of each level as long as you don’t lose a life, so I got a free color bomb at the beginning. I then added Lucky Candy,1 wrapped candy and 1 striped candy from my booster collection, which lessened the difficulty considerably. Watch me tackle the level and drop your comments, thanks for reading!

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