Level 3579

Level 3579


Level 3579 is classified as a HARD LEVEL. It is a Jelly Level which means you have to clear all the jellies on the board to pass the level.


The objectives are to clear 79 jellies in 25 moves. That was the case when I played it anyway. It has now been updated to 18 moves. Yep, they actually made it more difficult.


There are no out and out good elements in this level. But having said that large areas of the board are free from bad elements too, so that has to count for something. There is a Conveyor Belt which would ensure that the candies are constantly getting reshuffled with might or might not work out to your advantage.


There are 18 Waffles, and not the weak ones either. We talking multilayered waffles, needing 3 hits before they get destroyed. These tough waffles are protected by a Candy Cane Fence so getting at the waffles is no easy task.


This level will require a measure of diligence. You have to try and create as many special candies as you can, because ordinary matching of candies won’t cut it, due to the presence of the Candy Cane Fence protecting the waffles. When I played it though I found special candies forming quite easily, so you should be able to get them too.


Took me awhile to get the better of this level. But thanks to a series of Color Bomb combinations, and the invaluable Lollipop Hammer Booster, I was able to get it done. Watch me tackle the level and drop your comments, thanks for reading!

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