Level 3580

Level 3580


It is classified as an easy level.
It’s an Ingredients Level, which means you have to guide the
ingredients to the bottom of the table, where the designated exit points are located.


The objective is to drop a hazel nut to the exit points, which are clearly marked with green translucent arrows. This has to be done in 17 moves. As at January 2019, its still 17 moves.


There are no helpful elements on the board for this particular level. This is not a big deal though, seeing as the level is not hard at all.


Thre are 3 types of bad element is present, one of them being Chocolate Spawners, 10 of them to be precise. The board is rather narrow, so the 10 spawners fill the board with chocolate very quickly. The hazel nut ingredient is trapped by a Liquorice Lock 11 chocolate squares are also under a Liquorice Lock. The other chocolates are under a layer of Marmalade. Marmalade as a bad element is pretty weak, and you shouldn’t any issue with that. The Chcolate and the Liquorice Lock can be very problematic though.


This is a very easy level. All you have to do is make sure you are on top of the chocolate problem. Don’t let them multiply too much and before you know it, the hazel nut will drop successfully.


I finished it at the first time of asking. I was in the middle of a Fun Event, where you get boosters at the beginning of each level as long as you dont lose a life, so I got a free color bomb at the beginning. I then added 1 Color Bomb and 1 Coconut Wheel from my booster collection, which made the level super easy. Watch me tackle the level and drop your comments, thanks for reading!

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