Level 3582

Level 3582


Level 3582 is classified as a Hard Level. It’s a Mixed Mode Level, which means it has more than one objective, both of which must be fulfilled to pass the level.


The Objectives of the level are to clear 80 Jellies and drop two hazelnuts into the designated exit points. This is to be done in 15 moves or less.


There is just one helpful element in this level, a Coconut Wheel. Use it judiciously, it’s the only one you get. Also worth noting that said Coconut Wheel is initially locked by a Liquorice Lock, so you would have to get it unlocked before you can actually use it.


There are about 12 pieces of Multilayered Icing, some of which are even covered with a Liquorice Lock! Then there are some pieces of Candy Cane Fence which prevent access to certain parts of the board and generally make the level more difficult.


Try to form as many striped Striped Candies as possible. Using them you will be able to clear the jellies which are being protected by the Candy Cane Fence. The Striped Candies also help unlock the squares that have been locked with Liquorice Locks. The presence of the Conveyor Belt will also help mix the Candies up, hopefully making some special candies along the way.


Level 3582 is a level that you should not be on for too long, I tackled it pretty quickly, in spite of it being classified as a Hard Level I was in the middle of a Fun Event, where you get boosters at the beginning of each level as long as you don’t lose a life, so I got a free color bomb at the beginning. which made the level a bit more manageable. Watch me tackle the level and drop your comments, thanks for reading!

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